Please text a picture of your stump to 858-997-7062 for a free estimate.

Get a Free estimate, simply text a picture of your tree or stump to 858-997-7062

Additional Information

Please text me at 858-997-7062 a picture of your tree or stump or stumps.  

To get the cheapest price, for trees, please stand back and take a picture of the whole tree, from top to bottom, and all the stuff in the background, so it's best to stand back far away so we can see everything to give you a good estimate.  

For stumps, please put a soda can or water bottle on top of your stump first, it's too hard to tell the size of stumps with nothing on top to bring it to scale size.  Then just text me the pictures for a free estimate.  

You can also walk around your yard and put your phone on video and make a short video and send it, then I can hear what you have to say if you have something unusual you need an estimate for.  

We have been grinding down tree stumps and cutting trees for over 16 years now.  

I was in the Navy myself for 8 years, and I like to give all military a discount, so just mention that too.  I even wrote a book about my time in the navy called "Navy Fun" by Vince Stead, you can find it in paperback, ebook and audio.  Just something different I do.


We also do small to medium size concrete jobs, cutting, breaking, hauling, pouring, etc.  Free estimates for concrete work, just text me a picture of what you need done.  Cutting, breaking, removal, pouring.  

I had to re-d0 and make this website up again today, 15 July 2018 after Godaddy lost all my website info, and I was told I had to make a new website up from scratch again, so sorry this website might be vague, my old one had lots of pictures, and it's hard to make up a website from scratch again, but I'm trying to put it back together.

 We do tree and stumps all over San Diego and farther, up to Fallbrook, Down to the Border, out to Alpine, amd all in between, and occasionally we have did jobs up the 5 and 15 freeways in Riverside and OC.  

An average stump job for us is taking the stump down half a foot below the grade, as concrete guys need 4 inches usually, and if your putting in a new yard, sod, artificial turf, we want it good for the people and you, and we want to do a good job.  

For the stump remains, sawdust and mulch disposal, we can either spread it around your plants, good for moisture control and it's biodegradable, or we can shovel it into your home trash bins, or we can put it in trash bags and leave it for you to throw away, if you want us to remove it, we have to charge for that.  

We start out stump grinding at $125 and up, for $125 you usually can't even rent a stump grinder and do it cheaper than we can do it for you, so why would you?  Just to go get a machine and take it back and hope it does not break down on you, as they always do, so why would you do it yourself?  For $125, we do stumps up to 2 feet wide, easy stump and relatively easy access to get to the stump or stumps, and bigger than that we charge more because it is more work.  If you have more than 1 stump, I try to give you a better deal on the more you have.  We can cut and trim palm trees up to 60 feet tall.   

Thank you very much, please text me a picture of what work you need done, so you can shop our bid around, we try to be the lowest tree stump grinding price, so let me give you a price you should like, thank you very much, Vince.