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Use My Tools Deal

Hi, my name is Vince, I will give you a better deal than a rental yard or Home Depot if you need some help.  This is for people that have more than one project, like they need to throw a load of stuff away at the landfill or greenery, and we could use my full size truck and trailer, my truck is a 2015.

I will load up and bring over to you whatever you need to use, we can talk about a price, or make me an offer.  I drive over with the tools, show you how to use them if needed, you, your helper, your brother, your son, whoever.....does the work, and then I take the tools back when you are done.  Great if you have to do more than one project, you don't have to go pick up tools, rent several of them for much more than I will do, and i will help and show you if needed, how to do stuff.

Different stump grinders we use.

Different rototillers we use.

John Deere riding lawnmower with 42 inch cutting deck.

Walk behind concrete saw.

60 Pound electric Jack Hammer.

Utility Trailer.

2015 Ford F150 I can use a little bit to help you with, since it's brand new still, I don't to haul dirty greasy stuff, mostly for hauling the trailer and tools to you, and we can use the full size bed in back for trees and such.....

My name is Vince, this picture my wife took when we drove across the country and stopped at the American Pickers store, that tv show about buying and selling used stuff.......I was in the navy for 8 years, and have been in the stump grinding business for 14 years now.  My son who is 25 does most all of the stump grinding and rototilling, both start at $125 and up........he can come out and grind down your stump or stumps cheaper than just about most people.  I work from home doing a book business and other stuff, and wanted to set up this tool help business, where you can look at my stuff, and decide what you need help with, tool wise.  I'm too old to do these kinds of jobs any more, it for sure is a young mans game.  Tell me what tools you want me to bring over to you, tell me the project you are trying to do, offer me a fair price to bring stuff so you can do it, and let me tell you a price..........More or less a person might need a stump grinding, rototiller, and maybe some concrete cut up, or something jack hammered, or a big piece of land mowed, or you need some help with a small trailer and something to pull it with.......I show up with the tools, show you how to use them if needed, and then you take over and do your yard, and I wait for you to finish so I can take my stuff back home.  If you need a stump removed, we can do that for you, or if you are more a do it yourselfer, and want to save a few bucks and we can come up with something to help you, please text me at 858-997-7062, and tell me what you want to do, and we can go from their on a price.....If you had to rent a stump grinder, rototiller, jack hammer from a rental yard, and go and pick them up, wait in line, then take it back before you deadline, and then do it all, I think I can save you some money if you are re-doing a back yard project, and if you need help with a bobcat, I can drive that for you, but I don't own one any more, even an old guy can drive a bobcat still, so if you need to move dirt and want to rent one and have it delivered, I can run it for you, as that was one of my businesses before...........If you need help, and you think I can help you, just text me or give me a call, thanks, Vince.

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