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Rototilling Service


We also do Rototilling for you pretty cheap also......  Most rototilling only takes a couple of hours depending on your size  of land you want done.  We bring our rototiller and we also do the work.  We charge $125, and that includes up to 3 hours of tilling, and we can do an average size yard in usually 1 to 3 hours on average.  If it goes over 3 hours, it is an extra $20 an hour.

We ask that if your ground is very hard, that you please water it, and soak if very good, but make sure you have about 1 day before we show up for it to dry out also......and that will save you money also if you help us prepare it the right way for you.  Also if your grass is tall, it needs to be mowed, or else the tall grass gets caught up in the tines and slows things down, if it is cut, it gets ground up much better for you.

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