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Stump Grinding: We can grind down most any regular size tree stump for usually $125, up to 2 feet wide, and even cheaper if you have more than 1 stump.  that is the price most places charge to rent a stump grinder and up, the last time I called around, the price was actually $140 to $180 to rent a machine in San Diego now, as i called around.   so WE charge a little less than what you would rent one for, but WE do the work also, so you don’t have to sweat, we do that!   WE SERVICE ALL OVER SAN DIEGO to oceanside, the border, and as far as alpine.  I was in the navy for 8 years, and give all military a discount!  IF YOU LIKE, for a quick free quote, just SEND me A DIGITAL PICTURE, AND I CAN QUOTE YOU OVER THE computer or my phone.  just snap a picture with your cell phone and text it to 858-997-7062 or VSSTEAD@GMAIL.COM for a free estimate, and include a soda can on the stump for correct size i can tell from the picture.  You can also text me a short video to my smart phone.  YOU WON'T BEAT OUR PRICES ON STUMP GRINDING.   IF YOU ALREADY GOT A QUOTE, I MOST LIKELY CAN BEAT IT, SO JUST LET ME SEE A PICTURE, AND YOUR PRICE, AND I WILL LET YOU KNOW.  we also have a landscape trailer and cut and haul away trees, usually up to 20 feet tall. 





    We will beat any written price on stump grinding.  When we grind down your tree stump, you will have sawdust/mulch or wood chips left over, as stump grinding usually makes about 3 times the size of the stump.  So a regular size tree stump, will usually almost fill a full size trash can up, so if you have a large trash can, we can shovel them in for you while we are their, or you might like to spread them around your landscape, as they are biodegradable, and break down over time, and is good for the soil if you use and mix in just the right amount, great to keep oxygen going, and very nice for your landscape and yard. 

    If you want them hauled off, that will be an additional charge.  Most places charge an average of around $140 to rent a stump grinder from them, then you have to haul the machine home, and then do all the work, then take it back in time.  We grind down most tree stumps for $125, average size, which is about 24 inches wide roughly, and up to 12 inches sticking out of the ground. 

    I can usually give you a quote over the phone, after I ask her several questions, like is the stump easy to get to, is is near any windows or underground lines.  (you can call 811 to find out if you have any lines underground where you want the work done.  My machine is about 250 pounds and 30 inches wide, so if you have steps or some place hard to get to, I can probably get it done, but I have to know all the answers, then I can give you a price right over the phone, or the internet here. 

     If you have more than one stump, We can do it cheaper after the first one, and I can save you more money by giving you the quote over the phone, instead of driving out, as that saves me time, and you money.   We can cut down your trees, do tree trimming, palm trimming and more.  We do work for other landscapers, that charge the cutomer more, and we do it for them, if we do it directly for you, we will charge you the cheapest price, kinda like wholesale stump grinding.  If you have several stumps, please give me a call for a quote.  We service all of San Diego county, Orange County, and South LA areas.


 We also offer concrete cutting with our 13hp concrete cutting machine.  We start out cutting at $125 and up, we can give you a good deal on cutting up sidewalks, driveways, and more.  Please ask me for a quote for other projects you are working on.  We also rent our machine if you look under our rental section we offer for you.  We own a demolition and jack hammer and can break your concrete apart also for you for an additonal price, just text, call or email me for a price, thank you, Vince.


We also do Rototilling for you pretty cheap also......  Most rototilling only takes a couple of hours depending on your size  of land you want done.  We bring our rototiller and we also do the work.  We charge $125, and that includes up to 3 hours of tilling, and we can do an average size yard in usually 2 to 3 hours.  If it goes over 3 hours, it is an extra $20 an hour.

We ask that if your ground is very hard, that you please water it, and soak if very good, but make sure you have about 1 day before we show up for it to dry out also......and that will save you money also if you help us prepare it the right way for you. 

                                               Started Stump Grinding in 2003!


If you can put a soda can or something that is easy to determine how big your stump is, it sure makes it a lot easier to tell the size, if their was no can in some of these pictures, it would be really hard to tell how big the stump is, so please include something regular in the background, I want to be able to give you the lowest price I can, thank you very much!










Even for Trees it really helps with something like a can or bottle in the picture, Send me a picture of your project you need help with.









You can get FREE solar installed on your roof, at absolutely no cost to you what so ever, not one penny.



These are some of the books I wrote, I don't sell a heck of a lot of them, but I spent a couple years doing this, and it was fun doing everything, and you can find them all on Amazon, Borders,  and places like that, it is neat, when I get an email, and someone tells me they read my book, that is so cool, because their are over 6 million books on amazon already.  Go to my website or click on my name Vince Stead to see all the books I write for fun, this is my hobby, and hopefully someday more!  I make all my own websites up, stump grinding, my books, and some others, if you have a question about something, just email me, I love talking about books and stuff like that.  We have to eat, so we offer the cheapest stump grinding, if you have a price, just ask me if we can do it cheaper, thank you.



I was in the navy from 1982 until 1990.  I did 4 years sea duty, on a submarine tender (USS Proteus AS-19) and a destroyer (USS DAVID R. RAY DD-971), and even a little bit on a carrier (USS NIMITZ), and then 4 years shore duty at nas Miramar (VAW-110 air squadron.  The navy was a fun place for me, I traveled to 16 countries and went around the world in 1986, I could never do that on my own I don't think?

If you have time, please check out our books for sale also!

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